eAdopt Adoption Management Software

What is eAdopt?

eAdopt is a cloud-based case management and notification system for adoption professionals. eAdopt’s hosted software provides a secure way for adoption professionals to manage their caseloads.

Training, consulting and education organizations, home study, foster care and adoption agencies and attorneys use eAdopt to present their adoptive parents a secure login to access their fully customizable tasks and submit their documents. Here, parents can see the progress and status of their adoptions, and agencies leverage the system’s communication tools to send automated notifications, group announcements and individual messages to families and staff. Additionally, agencies manage birth parents, embryo donors and waiting children in eAdopt’s portal.

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“We are loving eAdopt! We are so thankful to have found you. If we were as responsive as you are on things then we would be the best adoption agency out there!”

Melanie, Case Manager

“You have made me one happy man today! Your system is saving us so much time and my entire staff is super excited about using the eAdopt system every day.”

Jim, Adoptions Supervisor