About eAdopt

eAdopt's mission is to streamline the adoption process, so that agencies can more efficiently connect children with their forever families. Our cloud-based software helps agencies empower their staff and clients as they navigate the adoption process.

eAdopt's Adoption Management Software allows agencies to manage their work efficiently and effectively. They can manage families, birth parents, referrals and all information associated with all aspects of the adoption process. They can present prospective parents with tasks as they arise, with automated notifications of changes and new tasks. All documents are in one place, and prospective parents can monitor their status at all times, helping them to feel connected to the often-confusing process. Agencies can share country- and region-specific requirements and documents, and parents can use this portal to see what has been received by their agency and what still needs to be completed. Agencies can also use this portal to share information on available children with prospective parents.

What some of our clients are saying:

"You are the best! We are so thankful for you and all you do to keep our agency running smoothly!"

Hillary, Executive Director

“eAdopt has been terrific for our agency! I love that you are making improvements all the time!”

Debbie, Program Director

Our Founders

John KirkJohn Kirk, who founded eAdopt in April 2010 along with his wife Arina, provides the strategic leadership and business strategy for eAdopt. Prior to founding eAdopt, John was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for nTarget and Vice President of Sales for Blue Sky Factory. During his tenure at both organizations, John was instrumental in expanding new markets, growing their client portfolios and increasing revenue. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Idaho College of Engineering and in his free time, he enjoys running, tennis, golf, fishing and spending time with family.

Arina KirkArina Kirk, co-Founder and VP-Operations at eAdopt, is an experienced technology educator. She has taught classes at American University and has run a training program for a leading technical organization. A seasoned educational administrator, she combines a BA in Economics from Vanderbilt University, a Master’s degree in Education from American University and over fifteen years of hands-on training experience. She is also an adoptive mother. In her free time, she enjoys reading, knitting and cooking.

As John and Arina went through the adoption process, they realized there was a need to streamline it and improve communication. John and Arina have a passion for life, family and helping other families find their forever child.

Development Team

eAdopt's development staff supports, improves and updates the eAdopt platform. Our group of highly skilled software engineers continuously works to make eAdopt the #1 adoption management software in the industry.

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